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Useful Links

GSO Test


Hi everyone, Dilys here. I hope you're all well and not to bored at home.

I started a new art blog just for you. Click on this link to explore it..

Every week I will introduce you to a new artist and we will look at their art. Then I'll get you to try out some art activities that link in with the art I'll show you. Check out this week's artist now!

You can get help from your grownups too and don't's really important to have fun! 

Very soon all of you should have a seesaw "Arts@Beecroft" log in to show and share your artwork. From there you can also send in anything extra you like too. You know how I always get excited when you show me the arty things you do. 

And dont worry if you dont have fancy art materials like we do at school. You can make art out of anything. 

Let's get creative!!


I am very excited to introduce you to our new Artist of the Week, the amazing Frank Bowling. Originally from Guyana, he settled in London in 1953 and always wanted to be a poet. He however eventually became an artist and was so good, he won a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art, beating many other applicants. He now resides in London and New York. Last year he had a huge retrospective of his art at the Tate Gallery.  We need to remember how many artists, writers and musicians were also part of the Windrush Generation, and these people made huge contributions and influences to us culturally. Frank Bowling’s paintings are exciting, colourful and full of texture.



Welcome to our latestvirtual exhibition.  Here you can see the children's work produced in lockdown. 




Hope, Mango class

Hope shows us how to do marbling and you can see how she organised her resources really well


Callan, Apple class

Callan did an amazing painting called Abstract Painting, based on the abstract art of Frank Bowling. Watch him explain his work.

 Abstract Painting