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Welcome to All our New Beecroft Garden Nursery and Reception Families Starting in September 2021


Welcome everybody! We are very much looking forward to you joining us in September and cannot wait to meet you all. Our Early Years phase is made up of one Nursery Class (Willow Class, which offers both full-time and part-time places) and two Reception Classes (Mango and Mulberry).

With so much having been affected at this time, we know that being kept informed about the process of transition is hugely important to ensure it as smooth as possible for you and your child.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development and well-being are always at the forefront of our practice, but particularly when it comes to transition. This is why we have a number of steps we involve you in, to help your child with settling into our school.  

Although there may have to be some changes to the way we do things, such as virtual meetings, we are aiming to stick to the same processes which have contributed so positively to our EYFS children settling happily over the years.

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Timeline of events 

  • One to One Initial Meetings (Reception only)

By now most of you will have had your one to one meetings with either Mr Voller (Headteacher) or Mrs Campbell (Assistant Head and EYFS Phase Leader) to help us find out about you and your child. If you have not signed up for a meeting yet, please call or email to arrange one as soon as possible. The more information we have, the more carefully we can tailor the settling process for your child.

  • ‘Stay and Play’ Sessions

This is when we would usually invite you and your child into their new class room before they start. This not only helps you and your child to familiarise themselves with the environment, but also introduces you to the class teams.

This year we are going to replace these sessions with a virtual ‘Stay and Play’ video and photographs. Please click on the links below:

Nursery: Welcome to Willow class 

Reception: Welcome to Mango & Mulberry class                                         

  • Confirmation of Classes (Reception) and Photos of Class Teams

You will soon receive a welcome pack which will contain a pamphlet that has photographs of your child’s class team and the learning environments, both inside and outside.

Please spend time during the summer, looking at these with your child so that they become more familiar with who and what to expect in September.

If your child will be joining us in Reception, they will find out whether they are in Mango Class or Mulberry Class, in the next couple of weeks.

Although there are two classes, the children regularly interact with each other throughout the day, so even if your child may be in a different class to their friend, they will definitely still be spending a lot time together as we really enjoy working as a team!

Reception children will find out their classes by the end of July 2021

Due to SEND needs within the year group, additional training for EYFS team has been arranged for Monday September 7th and Tuesday September 8th.

  • Home Visit and Staggered Start Dates

All the children starting with us in EYFS will have a home visit and a staggered start. As with the other processes, this is about your child feeling comfortable, familiar and safe in their new environment, and with the people in it.

Every child is different so it may take some children longer to settle than others, particularly with many having spent the last few months at home with their families.

We anticipate that with the current situation, the home visits may well be virtual, via Zoom. These will still be hugely important, as it will be the first time that your child will have the opportunity to speak to their new adults.  

Nursery will complete all of their home visits before any of the children officially start. Your child’s welcome pack will have the times and dates for the home visits and staggered starts.

For Reception, in sticking with the usual time line of events, your child will have their home visit then start the following day for a morning session. Their second day will be a morning session and lunch. We use the afternoons of approximately the first two weeks, to do the home visits so please arrange childcare for this time. All the dates and times for these will be in your welcome pack.



We have a school uniform which you can purchased from our School uniform page.


Nursery – Children have lunch in their classroom. You are required to provide your children with a healthy packed lunch. 

Reception – Children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to universal free school meals. These meals are made on the premises and are provided by Chartwells. You may alternatively provide your child with a packed lunch. Once you have made you choice between school dinners or packed lunch, you will have to stick to this for the rest of the term. 



We are here to support you and your child, so if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at


Please check out and download our Mobile app


We look forward to you joining the Beecroft Garden community!