Useful Links

Useful Links

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Geography Home Learning Activities:

 Geography is all about understanding the world around us.

A local area walk is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge or mapping skills or even use your home or garden!

Here are some activities and links you can have a go at if you wish:


The Geographical Association have lots of activities you can do from home

Follow the links below with ways to explore your own home as well as things to make: 

Make a compass, a globe or a 3-D map

On your daily walk why not take part in a scavenger hunt, or map your walk, can  you see any signs of spring ? 


Tigtag:  Follow the link below to the Tigtag website where you will find videos and instructions on how to make your own globe, compass or 3D map:

Tigtag Geography Activities 

BBC Bitesize:  There are lots of resources including live lessons, games and interactive activities.

 KS1 KS2

 'The world beyond my window' (KS2)

Follow the link to enter a competition to explore human and physical features you can see through your window:

World Beyond My Window


Gojetters (KS1) Explore places all around planet Earth. Where would you like to go?


Other ideas:

Create a journey stick of things you find on your local walk

Take photos of places that interest you on a local walk - you could print them out and make a collage. What is your favourite place and why?

Create your own map of a local walk

Use a map and mark where different food comes from