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GSO Test

3. How will the school support my child?

3a Who will oversee, plan and work with my child?

  • The class teacher will oversee, plan and work with each child with SEND in their class to ensure that appropriate progress is made in every area
  • Our Inclusion Manager oversees the progress of any child identified as having SEND
  • There may be an LSA (Learning Support Assistant), TA (Teaching Assistant) or Early Years Practitioner working with your child either individually or as part of a group. The content of this support will be explained to parents when support begins, and is reviewed and updated during parents evenings and recorded in a class provision map or individual support plan.

3b Who will explain this to me?

  • The class teacher will meet with you formally on at least a termly basis in order to discuss your child’s progress and the support that they are receiving.
  • Class teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s needs if you have questions or concerns between more formal meetings.
  • An appointment can be made with the Inclusion Manager to discuss support in more detail if required, at any time during the term.