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Knowledge Organisers

What are they?

A Knowledge Organiser is a single page document that lists the important facts that children should know by the end of a topic. It is the minimum that needs to be known, rehearsed and stored over time in the long term memory. They should be viewed as the starting point for the topic being learnt. Over the course of the topic the children will learn at a deeper and wider level.

For more information on how you how we use knowledge organisers please click here 

Spring Knowledge Organisers:  Science 

Y2 Plants

y3 Light

y4 Living things

y5 Changes to materials

y6 How we see 

Spring Knowlege Organisers: History & Geography

Y1:  The United Kingdom

Y2: The Great Fire of London

y3: India

y4: Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

Y5: Coast and Oceans

Y6: The Golden Age of Islam 

Summer knowledge organisers: Science 

Y1: Humans

Y2: Humans

Y3: Humans and other animals

Y4: Animals including humans

Y5: Animals including humans

Y6: Humans

Summer knowledge organisers: History & Geography 

Y1: Where does our food come from?

Y2: Mary Seacole's impact on nursing

Y3: Ancient Egypt

Y4: Cities