Useful Links

Useful Links

GSO Test


 Beecroft Garden Mass Singalong/ Playalong/ Dancealong

I made this song and video to cheer up all the Beecroft community during this difficult time. But what would be even better would be if you would all join in. Please video or record yourselves dancing / singing / playing along so I can edit out me and include much more of you!


So children, families and staff please record yourselves singing, dancing or playing along to any verse and send it to me. As video files can be quite big, it would be best if you pick a section of the song to join in with. If you want me to use the sound of you playing or singing I will mix it in, but please use headphones so you just record you and not the sound of the backing track. Children, please don't forget to get your parent/carer's permission first.  

 Lyrics and musical parts can be found below or go to where i have posted tutorial videos for anyone who wants to play an instrument.  

LyricsInstrumental partsPiano parts

Please email your parts  by Tuesday 12th May to I look forward to hearing what you've done.


charanga Yumu Music Website    

I have prepared a great website for you, packed with exciting music resources – just follow the link above. There are plenty of songs to learn, creative activities and apps and I will be adding new things all the time. I know some of you are lucky enough to have instruments at home, so I’ve posted resources to help you to practise and get playing. I have sent a unique login for each child via parentmail. If you need it sending again, please email me at

 Charanga login page‚Äč

Seesaw page for arts@beecroft

Please log in to the Seesaw arts@beecroft page to send us your messages and upload your work. Email me if you need help logging in as the codes change every week.


Here are a few activities to get you started:


Have a go at learning these feel-good songs to lift your spirits.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Larger Than Life

We Are the Champions


Body Percussion

Watch this amazing body percussion video and then make up your own sequence!


Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song

I just love this rhythm which can be done with just a table and a cup! It’s impressive. I challenge you to learn it so we can show one another when we get back to school.

Here’s how to do it!


Make a Shaker

This video shows you how to make a shaker out of a bottle.



Ten-day tutorial on how to play the ukulele.


Keyboard / Piano

Piano tutorials for those with keyboards or pianos at home.


Music Technology

Garageband (for Mac, ipad, iphone) is the app years 4-6 have learnt how to use at school.

Bandlab This is a new free app which is available for Android