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School funding cuts

Class sizes at Beecroft have increased between 2015 and 2018 and funding has reduced by £424 per pupil.

You can find out more by visiting School Cuts.


A note from Governors on the current funding position

In common with schools across the sector Beecroft Garden is having to deal with serious funding short-falls, for instance in the years 2018 -19 and 2019-20 pupil funding increased by 1% and 0.5% whilst some of our costs are increasing by approximately 8% per anum. 

As a result, the school is now incurring incremental annual deficits. We have been able to manage up until now by writing off these deficits against a surplus that we accumulated over previous years due to prudent financial management.

However, this pot has now run out and if the current funding trend continues the school will be running an ongoing deficit.

We are working hard to plan for savings and efficiencies as well as increasing our fund-raising activity, but the only long-term solution is for the Government to reverse the previous cuts and establish a sustainable, realistically funded regime for the education sector.